Friday, December 23, 2005

Fat Dads Football Club

When I lived in London I played five-a-side football once a week. The players were in their thirties and forties and it was fab; particularly as I am incapable of doing any other exercise (jogging, gym etc) as they are duller than a dull thing from dull-land.

When I moved out to the shires I pined for the old game, tried a bit of mountain biking, but in the end just watched my man-breasts grow ever larger.

In a business meeting with a local web developer bloke I discussed the lack of football and discovered that he too would like a game but couldn't get enough players together.

Not knowing many people locally I decided to employ a brilliantly lo-fi piece of advertising: I put a card in shop windows. It said:


did you eat all the pies?
Call 0781 XXX XXX

Suprisingly over the next few weeks I got quite a few calls which all started with: "Hello, is that Fat Dads football?"

We have now been playing nearly a year and have a block booking at the local leisure centre.

One of the better players is 58 years old! I would be quite happy with being alive at 58 never mind playing football.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The seven habits of really dreadful people you wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with

I am keen on "Getting things done" and was jolly pleased to discover a load of additional web material to support this.

There is a very good "getting things done wiki" here. This is full of good "how to implement" stuff.

If you only have the attention span of a gnat then at least read "How to create a really smart to-do list"

Or you could always buy;

"The seven habits of slightly weird quasi-religious nitwits who who feel the need to write buttock-clenching mission statements about how their lives are dedicated to serving some higer being or other"

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