Thursday, July 08, 2004

More Certifications ......

Watching Paint Stay Wet for Windows Developer
Developer with minimum of two years experience on a major project using Watching Paint Stay Wet for Windows (version 5.x). You will have good knowledge of Java, J2EE framework, HTML, XML and a solid understanding of skiving on the Internet whilst appearing to be a hive of activity. Previous experience of something dreadful like dbase is desirable. Candidates must also be flexible on location as the project will almost certainly be based in some god forsaken shithole near the M25 that even the Luftwaffe couldn't be arsed to bomb.
Type: Contract Location: London Country: England Start: ASAP Posted: 08/07/2004 11:59:21 Reference: JS/GIG/666

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Watching Paint Stay Wet for Windows Version 5.03

I find myself reading lots of PDFs at the moment. You know, dull stuff like: "Watching Paint Stay Wet for Windows Version 5.0". To make this bit more palatable I have take to rotating the view (view-rotate view-clockwise) and then setting full screen on (window-full screen view).

Once you have done this you can flip your portable up and pretend it is a real book, it's all rather pleasant. You can even sit in the armchair and drink coffee.

Hey I could even get one of those tablet PCs .. hah ahahhhah ahhhhahh haha hhahhh ha cough.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Working at home office for too long ...

Today I have decided to affect the voice of Sherlock Holmes. I insist on calling Mrs Spuggy "Mrs Hudson", and can often be heard shouting down for tea and things like "can you get the door Mrs Hudson".

All day long I am locked in my study creating computer programs and playing the ukuele at jars of flies, just to piss them off.

Occasionaly I will stop my my experiments and play punk rock songs on the uke, for instance:

Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks in the style of George Formby

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