Friday, December 12, 2003

J2ME: Java 2 Mobile Edition in something a bit smaller than a nutshell: Episode 1

It can only be a matter of time before the majority of mobile phones are Java enabled. Here's a quick Spuggy Software guide on how to write a J2me application.

Why do I like J2me? Well it's fun and it's a challenge. You are constrained in memory, bandwidth and you have to worry how big your file sizes are. It takes me back to my Texas Instruments Ti994a with 16k of memory; when men were men and they stayed in their bedrooms and wrote computer programs. Above all, it is not big hairy arsed and lazy, like Visual-Doo-Dah for windows 6.9.

All that fun stuff aside, dontcha think that the handheld device is going to be THE standard user interface for the 21st century? Are we all going to sit infront of big computers forever?

"Yes Rodney, we could be Miwleeonaires"

Thursday, December 11, 2003

WEBSPHERE: Exam-a-rama

Futher to my warblings about passing Websphere certifications, I managed to pass exam 285 this morning.

This makes me, ahem, an IBM Certified Associate Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0. Furthermore; the lady at the testing centre told me that, "From now on Mr Spence, everywhere you go the kids will wanna rock." Who would have thought?

So how did you prepare Richard?
Well I bought this book: An Introduction to Web Application Development with IBM Websphere Studio . It comes with a time limited copy of Websphere Express and Websphere Studio.

I read the book, went through the exercises and did the end of chapter tests. You'll need a meaty machine as Websphere is a big old girl (1 gig of RAM, decent processor). You will also need to read the README on the cd carefully as you need to install some extras that are not in the book's install guide.

Finally, I did the $10 on-line practice exam the day before the exam and passed. Doing the practice exam really helped as there is quite a bit on the exam that is not in the book (although in the objectives) the practice made me aware of this.

The pass mark required was 53% <coughs>

So what did you learn smartypants?
Passing the exam has got me up to speed with Websphere studio and filled a few gaps in my J2EE knowledge. I tend to run screaming from most large IDEs, so this is no mean feat. I liked the book as it was not just a the usual "click on the file menu" trudge through the features non-book. It was well thought out and dealt with real word J2EE issues like, mapping, controller servlets, formbeans action patterns and data access brokers. I'd reccomend it.

So how much did it all cost monkey-programmer-boy?
The book 34 pounds, the exam about 55 pounds, the practice exam 7 pounds and the taxi back from Twickenham was 8 quid. So around a £100.

So what now?
I am going to re-write my firm's creaking enterprise Domino app in Websphere. Why? Beacause it's there and for England, dammit.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

LOGARITHMS: Phew what a relief!

Thank god for that! Visited me ma's the other day and at long last I found my logarithm tables. It's been tough without them these long years; what with not knowing the logs of numbers and stuff. I realise you can use a calculator 'n all but where is the glory in that?

I feel extremely fortunate to have been taught about logarithms, despite the fact that I have never ever used them and have completely forgotten what they are for. Click on the image to see the tables in their full splendor.

I notice that the log of 6.1 is 0.785; fascinating. As Bob Dylan said, "Twenty Years of schooling and they put you on the day shift."

Monday, December 08, 2003

GOOGLE: Add your own free site search

Just added a site search in five minutes using the free google web search. Paste a quick form into the page and Bob is your aunties' live in lover as we say here in cheesetown. No nasty domino searches, no explaining odd behaviour to confused users. A breeze.

"Hey we knew how to do this ages ago Richard you loser."

Oh hush now, you spiteful computer nitwits.

PATTERNS:Dating Design Patterns: The Suppressed Research

Design patterns are very handy and informative. I have banged on about them before. Some people get carried away and see the use for patterns in other areas, take Dating Design Patterns: The Suppressed Research for instance.

Is this funny or sad or both?

Blogging from Google Toolbar

Blogging from the the google toolbar, it's just fab. Get the google toolbar and click the little Blogger button and blog stuff. It even copies in the the text you have highlighted in IE.

"Hey we all knew that Richard!"

Well I didn't dammit!

Easily pleased me.

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