Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am Spugeo, I am a bit of a one

Mr. Chutney: You have a problem with authority, Mr. Spug. You believe that you are special, that somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously you are mistaken. This company is one of the top software companies in the world because every single employee understands that they are part of a whole. Thus if an employee has a problem, the company has a problem. The time has come to make a choice, Mr. Spug. Either you choose to do the Lotuscript from this day forward or you choose to find yourself another job. Do I make myself clear?
Spugeo: Yes, Mr. Chutney, perfectly clear.

FedEx man: Mr Spug?
Spugeo: Yeah, that's me.
FedEx man: Ok, great. Have a nice day.
Spugeo: Hello.
Morpheus: Hello Spugeo. Do you know who this is?
Spugeo: Morpheus.
Morpheus: Yes. I've been looking for you, Spugeo. I don't know if you're ready to see what I want to show you, but unfortunately you and I have run out of time. They're coming for you, Spugeo, and I don't know what they're going to do.
Spugeo: Who's coming for me?
Morpheus: Stand up and see for yourself.
Spugeo: What, right now.
Morpheus: Yes, now. Do it slowly. The elevator.
Spugeo: Oh shit.
Morpheus: Yes.
Spugeo: What the hell do they want from me?
Morpheus: I don't know, but if you don't want to find out I suggest you get out of there.
Spugeo: How?
Morpheus: I can guide you but you must do exactly as I say.
Spugeo: Ok.
Morpheus: The cubicle across from you is empty.
Spugeo: What if they...
Morpheus: Go, now...Stay here for just a moment. When I tell you, go to the end of the row, to the office at the end of the hall. Stay as low as you can.... Go, now.... Good. Now, outside there is a scaffold.
Spugeo: How do you know all this?
Morpheus: We don't have time, Spugeo. To your left there's a window. Go to it.... Open it. You can use the scaffold to get to the roof.
Spugeo: No way. No way. This is crazy.
Morpheus: There are two ways out of this building. One is that scaffold, the other is in their custody. You take a chance either way. I leave it to you.
Spugeo: This is insane. Why is this happening to me? What did I do? I'm nobody.... Shit.... I can't do this.

(Spug exits stage right in disgust and goes to pub with the dog)


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