Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blackberry Email Killer Nazis

Its been well over a year since I smashed my Blackberry and I feel a lot better for it.  I was trying to break a stick for Betty the dog over my knee and I managed to whack the screen and crack it right down the middle.

Life is much better with out the bloody thing tho.  I was becoming addicted to the messages and it was all a bit like being tied to the school bully.  Since then I have moved to GMail as my email platform and with Google Docs you can work at any browser, it's fab.  Phone-wise I have a Sony K800i where I run  Google Mobile for email which is a very lovely Java ME app.

But but but I hear the crackberry herberts cry - "what about push email and the bleeps and all that?" 

I reckon, as do others, you should "go get" your email and you probably only want to do it three or four times a day.  Once you have got your head round this you can actually do some work - like do pointless blog messages for instance.  ;-)


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