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Groovy and Closures

Groovy and Grails (Ruby too) make a big thing of closures. A closure is defined, slightly unhelpfully, as:

A Groovy closure is like a “code block” or a method pointer. It is a piece of code that is defined and then executed at a later point.

If you are not use to them they can be tricky to grasp but they are hugely powerful and in many cases make code easier to read. See my cheesey code to print out the files in a directory:


This is using the Groovy eclipse plugin of course

The only problem with closures is that they are manna are from heaven to the lets-write-the-code-in-least-amount-of-lines-brigade. You know the sort of people, they chain a load of functions and objects together in one line and then stick a regular expression on the end. The technical term for these people, I believe, is bastards.

36 Responses to “Groovy and Closures”

  1. Rob McDonagh Says:

    Bastards, indeed. Sometimes we call ‘em feckers, too. :D

  2. Biplob Says:

    My opinions:For muloceles with less than 9 bond closures: never reuseFor muloceles with more than 9 bond closures, but no more than 9 closures are interweaved/intermixed in any one group: reuse, but with the change over happening between groups (e.g. you might get 1-5 and then 1-6). Bonus points if there’s a large linear linker under the changeover.Cycle-of-cycle muloceles where everything is intermixed due only to a few large macrocycles: Use without reuse the low numbers for the macrocycle, and then reuse the remaining ones for the disconnected subgroups, as above.Large hairy muloceles where everything is intermixed and interconnected without an easy way of seperating them into sub-groups: Do whatever works. You’re unlikely to understand the structure without some SMILES -> Figure program anyway, so does it really matter?

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