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Fishy Bands

My mate Gravy came up with these, any other ideas?

Stevie Ray Prawn
Marlin Manson
Pike & Tuna Turner
Cliff Pilchard & The Shallows
Jerry & The Plaicemakers
Bob Marlin & The Whalers
Cypress Krill
Dianna Rock & The Sardines
The Krillers
Wu-Tang Clam
Emerson Hake & Palmer
Tangerine Bream
Lloyd Coley and the Calm Oceans
Prefab Trout
Jefferson Starfish
Kippers With Attitude
Public Anemone
Dourade Dourade
Skate Bush
Limpit Bizkit
The Small Plaices
Joe Cockle
Frank Snapper & The Mullets of Invention
Fleetwood Mackerel
Squiddy Pop and the Sturgeons
Sharka Khan
The Arctic Minkes
Hake That
Gerry Halibut
Catfish Stevens
Paul Salmon & Dart Garfunkle
Soft Shell
Spratti Smith
De La Sole
Salmon Dave

11 Responses to “Fishy Bands”

  1. Ben Poole Says:

    I can’t come up with anything. The list is all-inclusive, not a sole has been omitted — I’d be a spratt to claim otehrwise.

    I can only bream of coming up with a post as splendid as this; it truly sharks back to an era when people really gave it their eel - the John Dory days of blogging if you will. Nowdays, everything’s just a load of old pollocks.

  2. John F Says:

    Shirley Seabassey

  3. Bored of Swindon Says:

    Barbel Streisand
    Bomb the Bass
    Welky Brookes
    Pike and Tina Tuna (or is it Tuna Turner)
    UK Chubs
    Minnow Ripperton
    Lloyd Coley and the Com-Oceans
    Nat King Coley
    Ladyfish Black mambazo
    David Grayling
    The Ling Lings
    Ray Charles
    Shrimp Bizkit
    Crab Calloway
    Car wobble
    Elvers Presley

    Christ I’m bored

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